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        Cleanliness Analysis System
        A Cleanliness Analysis System is utilized to assess the cleanliness of parts or components by measuring particle contamination levels. Its benefits include ensuring product quality, reliability, and compliance with industry standards. Industries such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics benefit from improved quality control and reduced risk of component failure.
        Microscopy Range Products- SuXma Series
        The SuXma Series encompasses microscopy array products engineered for advanced imaging and analysis usages. They offer high-resolution microscopy, benefiting industries such as biology, materials science, and semiconductor manufacturing. Advantages comprise versatile functionality,  precise imaging, and enhanced research capabilities for detailed analysis and understanding of microscopic structures and phenomena.
        Image Analyzers Range - DeXel Series
        The DeXel Series from Conation is an adaptable image analyzer range that seamlessly integrates with any microscope. Equipped with high-resolution CCD or CMOS cameras (5 MP or higher), it offers modules for grain size, inclusion, phase percentage, nodularity, flake analysis, decarb, and 2D analysis, customized for precise metallography applications.
        Metallurgical Sample Preparation Machines
        Metallurgical Sample Preparation Machines facilitate precision sectioning of metals and non-metals. Operating manually, they offer RPM capacities ranging from 50 to 1400. Benefits include controlled sample preparation for accurate analysis, ensuring consistent results in metallurgical research and industrial applications, enhancing quality control and efficiency.
        Allied Products
        Allied Products comprise varied tools and kits crucial for metallurgical analysis. Examples comprise the Jominy End Quench Test Set-up, In-Situ Metallography Kit, and Metallurgical Sample Set. They enable tests like Jominy testing, in-situ microscopy, and sample preparation, aiding in material characterization, quality control, and research, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in metallurgical studies and industrial processes.
        Microhardness Testers
        Microhardness Testers assess hardness on a microscopic scale, ideal for layer, coating, and phase hardness analysis. They are utilized in metallurgical analysis or laboratory settings, come in semi-automatic or automatic types. Typically white in hue, they operate on electric power with voltage ranging from 220 to 380V, facilitating precise material characterization.