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        Microscopy Range Products- SuXma Series

        Metallurgical Microscopes are designed for incident (reflected) light observation of opaque materials. They are developed for the examination of metals, minerals and crystalline samples. These devices are provided in binocular or trinocular format with infinity corrected optical system. They are provided with 10x eyepieces for different magnification levels from 50x, 100x, 200x to 500x. These Metallurgical Microscopes are provided with technically advanced illuminator with halogen lamp to provide clear blue and clear green light. They are provided with neutral density and polarizing filters to provide the best results.
        Advanced Motorized Stage Microscopes are designed for performing MIA (Multiple Image Alignment). They are available in durable and modern designs with advanced software for ensuring large out-of-field-of-view image capturing through stitching. They are designed to easily set and save location points for return examination. They are widely used for inspection points on semiconductor dies, or circuits owing to ergonomic designs. These Advanced Motorized Stage Microscopes are designed with easy to control joystick that can be moved to any location, or to control the stage movement.
        Our company provides a wide range of modern and Portable Microscopes for offering the accurate results in the domain of microscopy. They can be easily used in large and small laboratories, schools and colleges with excellent magnification features. They are available in simple and elegant designs to aid users to peer into the microscopic world. They are easy to set up and operate Portable Microscopes can be easily managed by anyone with little training. These microscopes are provided with non-destructive nature of light for ensuring proper observation of cellular structures.